Peer Review Process

This journal adheres to a double-blind peer-review process, as part of which the authors and the reviewers remain anonymous throughout the process. Submitted articles will be deemed appropriate by the journal's expert based on the journal's guidelines and then editor-in-chief decides whether they are suitable for peer review. The peer review usually involves review by at least two independent, expert peer reviewers.Reviewers' comments are then sent to the authors so that they can address them. All authors are asked to send their revised manuscripts or respond to the comments. Then the editor-in-chief will decide if the article needs to undergo further peer review (by the same reviewer or another reviewer, who can be a member of the editorial board) or it can be accepted for publication. In case a member of the editorial board or staff submits a manuscript to the journal, it is dealt with in the same manner mentioned and the editor who submitted the manuscript does not have a say in the peer review process or the final decision made. The Journal decision-making process includes the following steps:

  • Article submission by the corresponding author through the journal system
  • Content review based on the journal's guidelines by the journal's expert (if the topic or format of the article is not in accordance with the publication's guidelines, it will be returned to the author for resubmission)
  • Preliminary review of articles by the editor-in-chief
  • Similarity of the article (if the percentage of similarity is more than 30 percent, the article will be rejected)
  • Submission to reviewers
  • Reviewing the reviewed articles by the editor-in-chief (if the referee score does not reach the quorum, the article will be rejected)
  • Send reviewers' comments to the author for revision
  • Submit the revised article to the reviewers for final reviewing
  • Final approval by the editor in chief and acceptance of the article
  • Submit for editing
  • Send for layout
  • publishing article


The duration of this process depends on the acceptance of review by respected reviewers, submission of reviewer comments and responses to reviewer comments by authors.