Evaluation of Rutting Resistance of Stone Mastic Asphalt Containing Crumb Rubber and Glass Cullet

Document Type : Research Paper



Accumulation of waste materials resulting from industrial production and daily life in big cities has become a major problem. Using these materials in road infrastructures is one of the solutions to this problem. Scrap tires (crumb rubber) and waste glass (glass cullet) are among waste materials whose effects on rutting resistance of stone mastic asphalt are evaluated in this research. Evaluation of rutting resistance of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixtures containing crumb rubber (passing through No. 200 sieve) and glass cullet (passing through No. 30 sieve ) is conducted by the dynamic creep test. The gap graded aggregate, asphalt cement with 60-70 pen, and additives (crumb rubber and glass cullet) with different percentages were used to fabricate the SMA mixtures. The results of the dynamic creep tests showed that rutting resistance of SMA mixtures containing aforementioned additives was improved in comparison with conventional SMA.


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