Investigation of elasticity modulus properties and sound absorption of warm mix asphalt containing conductive fillers using ultrasonic waves

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Civil engineering Department, K. N. Toosi, University, Tehran, Iran

2 مرکز تحقیقات راه، مسکن و شهرسازی

3 آزمایشگاه فنی و مکانیک خاک وزارت راه و شهرسازی


Today, in the research of researchers, the use of waste materials with heat transfer capability in various asphalts, especially warm mix asphalt (due to environmental benefits) has been considered. Obtaining the modulus of elasticity is very important in determining the efficiency of asphalt, which can be achieved by various methods. Also, the sound absorption of this type of asphalt has been studied using ultrasonic waves. In this study, asphalt samples containing fillers of zinc slag, iron slag, converter sludge, copper slag and earth filler reducing electrical resistance each with 35%, 70% and 100% weight replacement of lime filler (normal) in asphalt. Through SCB three-point bending test, the amount of modulus of elasticity was obtained and then on Marshall samples using underwater method and using ultrasonic waves, the amount of longitudinal modulus and the amount of sound absorption of the samples were investigated. The results show the fact that on average, in the mixtures containing BOF, steel slag, GIM and copper slag, it can be said that mixtures containing BOF by 7% and mixtures containing steel slag, GIM and copper slag by 4, respectively. , 20 and 6% have more impedance than the control sample (WMA). Furthermore, the results showed that the longitudinal modulus obtained by ultrasonic wave method for the samples has the same trend of modulus of elasticity by three-point bending method. The results also showed that statistically, although the type of filler is effective on the performance of the longitudinal modulus, but the percentage of conductive filler (replacement of lime filler) is not effective on the performance of asphalt.


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